Job Opportunities

We are always looking for friendly, efficient and motivated individuals to join our team and we have a range of job opportunities arising from time to time that are both part-time and more permanent to suit people at all stages of their career. We can offer you your first part-time job opportunity (Pot Wash or waiting staff) whilst still at school or college, or waiting for a university placement. Or, for those with more experience, our waiting and kitchen assistant roles are ideal. If you are looking for something with more responsibility, our Assistant Chef and Duty Manager roles might be just what you are looking for.

It is important for us that everyone enjoys their working experience at Millers, so we offer a friendly and supportive working environment, with training and advice provided as required.

Typical job opportunities are as follows:

Front of house

Waiting-on staff

Do you have a friendly manner, are efficient, effective and motivated?  Keen to learn or fully experienced?  We have opportunities for people looking for temporary work whilst waiting for college or university places or perhaps waiting to go in the forces, and for more experienced applicants looking for the flexibility of part-time work.

Duty managers

Waiting-on staff can progress to Duty Manager or trainee Duty Manager roles. However, if you have previous experience in the hospitality industry, one of these roles might be just what you are looking for to start straight away. Minimum requirements for Duty Managers are full waiting-on skills and a natural aptitude to act as an intuitive problem-solver and team leader.  All Duty Managers need to hold a personal licence and have a current basic first aid certificate, so if you don’t hold these already an Assistant Duty Manager’s role would allow you to complete the necessary training once you have started.

Back of house

Pot wash

An ideal starting job in the hospitality/service trade.  This gives you an insight into the workings of a busy kitchen and you will soon feel part of the team.

Kitchen staff

If you don’t have any formal kitchen qualifications yet, but would like to start on the road to Assistant Chef/Chef, this might be for you.  A general kitchen role will give you an opportunity to learn basic preparation and food presentation skills.  This is an ideal job if you are thinking of working your way up to more skilled kitchen roles and perhaps you are already studying at catering college or maybe you are simply looking for a less skilled roll and want to be part of a busy team in a friendly and supportive environment.

Chef/Assistant Chef

We run a team of chefs under the auspices of the Head Chef.  We offer in-house training and can accommodate those that are completing their studies at catering college. These are important and responsible positions within the company and you would be expected to be able to prepare quality meals, using fresh ingredients and to a consistently high standard. Effective communication skills are essential as is a genuine desire to be an important part of a friendly and effective team.


Our policy is to promote personal learning and growth for all employees. We are pleased to see individuals progress through the company and we feel proud when individuals take the experience and training they have gained with us to progress their career, so if you are a team player, friendly, enthusiastic and keen to learn, feel free to contact us. If you would like to download an application form please do so and return it to us. Please understand, however, that as an independent operator with only a small back-office team, we may not be able to reply to all enquiries, but if you do apply we will let you know if a position is available or if one is likely to come up soon.

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